Erin Greilick

Erin Greilick is a Senior Consulting Partner with Strata Leadership and founder of Core Consulting, a boutique firm specializing in strategic change and executive development. She earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Claremont Graduate University and her MA in Clinical Psychology from the University of Hawaii, Manoa. Erin is a systems-thinker, working quickly to understand complex issues, identifying root causes, and bringing smart, integrated solutions to organizations. She has a long proven track record of being a trusted advisor, working with executives and senior leaders in both the Private and Public sectors, in industries ranging from Food Service to Health Care. Erin and her husband are devoted parents to their son, and she enjoys traveling, eating, and cooking (and takes all opportunities to combine these three joys!).


"Presenters don't have the easiest time engaging our field supervisors. I was impressed with how Erin got their interest and earned their participation. She challenged our team to think differently, and they left with practical ways to be better leaders. We have asked her back several times because she consistently shares relevant and useful information we can use." –Kenny Guffey, Director of Loss Control–Oklahoma, Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives

"Erin pulled our entire team into a dynamic, honest, and insightful discussion. She made concepts easy to understand and apply. Each of us walked away knowing more about ourselves and how our team could work better together. We have since worked on keeping the messages she shared front-of-mind and helping our team continue applying what we learned.  We enjoy our relationship with Erin and how she has continually helped our team communicate and thrive!" –Bobby Redinger, CPA, CCIFP


Speaking Topics:

Neuroscience of Performance: Are We the Biggest Threat to Our Success?

We instinctively strive to excel and push our performance to the next level. We create performance standards, management systems, and perpetually raise the bar. But are we working smarter or harder? Discover what neuroscience is uncovering about how we work against our own success and leave our best performance untapped and unrealized. Explore current assumptions about maximizing work performance and how brain function influences performance. Learn practical tactics to reduce stress and build resilience, so your organization can perform at its highest potential.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Why EI is a non-negotiable for Success in Life

Emotional Intelligence is essential to effective leadership. The most successful leaders have a keen awareness of themselves and their team, and they skillfully manage interactions to increase successful outcomes for all parties involved. Based on Daniel Goleman’s model, identify specific leadership behaviors rooted in emotional intelligence. Discover practical techniques to better leverage EI and become a highly effective leader.

Organizational Strength and Resilience: How Great Organizations Stand the Test of Time

Headlines about trade wars, businesses moving overseas, and ever-increasing competition underscore the current business environment…volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). Business survival in such an unforgiving environment makes it more necessary than ever for organizations to shore up their Strength and Resilience. Learn how great organizations weather the storm, while their competitors are consumed by it. How well is your organization set up to survive? More importantly, how can it thrive? Learn how to build your organization’s Strength and Resilience to weather any storm.

Motivation Reimagined and Reinvented: Keeping Today’s Employees from Turning Off and Checking Out

Today’s workforce demands a system beyond rewards and punishments to bring their best to work every day. In fact, relying on traditional motivators can lessen interest and effort, ultimately decreasing performance outcomes. Discover a research-based system to drive performance. No matter what your organization looks like…Generation (Baby Boomer to Gen Z), industry, or work responsibility, leverage what motivates every human being and motivate your most valuable assets to reach their best performance.

The Secret Sauce of Powerhouse Teams: Five Disciplines of Top Performing Teams

Bringing people together with a wide variety of backgrounds, expertise, and approaches repeatedly results in better outcomes. This notable benefit, however, comes with notable stresses and strains. Teamwork requires individuals to coordinate efforts, navigate competing goals, and manage different styles and perspectives. Debunk myths about what makes the “best” team. Learn the five disciplines every top-performing team lives by.